Prt Chester EMS

Port Chester - Rye - Rye Brook EMS

Port Chester-Rye-Rye Brook Emergency Medical Services is dedicated to providing the highest quality emergency medical care and transportation to the communities we serve. Our service strives to meet the EMS needs of our communities with qualified, highly trained, professional providers using the latest medical equipment, supplies and vehicles. We fully understand our role and responsibility within the community. Our service is recognized as a community asset, and our staff understand the vital role they play in caring for the citizens we serve.

The Corps receives its operating funds from several sources. Each municipality pays a yearly stipend that helps us cover our operating costs. We continue to run an annual public fundraising effort that results in a modest amount of income. The majority of our funds result from billing our patient's insurance providers. This limited source of income results in our agency having to maintain a very conservative budget, with low salaries and limited benefits for staff.
Port Chester EMS Ambulance

While home base is in Port Chester, the three communities work together to provide a cost effective and responsive "shared" service.